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Q: What is a walk up event?

A: A customer that pay's for their own food at the truck is considered a walk up. All "walk up events" may require a $500 truck rental fee.


Q: What type of events can do we cater?

A: We cater all types of private events, including weddings. We also cater Corporate events, Employee Appreciation parties, birthdays, private parties, city festivals, breweries, wineries, music festivals, sporting events and charity events. Speak to a Catering Manager for maximum hours of service.


Q: How many hours does a Food Truck serve food during a private event?

A: Two hours maximum based on food and safety sanitation regulations. However, we will be present at an event for a total of 3-4 hours (set up, service, and clean up). Our trucks may serve longer contingent upon the menu selected. 


Q: How far does the food truck travel? What is the travel fee and how is it determined?


A: Presently our trucks are servicing the Chicago-land area! Mileage is included in the service charge up to a 30 mile radius of the event. Any events that are located 30 miles from area code may be charged an additional $50 service charge. We will not travel more than 60 miles.


Q: Do I need to provide a permit for a FOOD TRUCK to cater my event?


A: The event must be held on private property and parking for the truck must be provided to avoid a permit.  Please ask your Catering Manager for more details. All of our trucks will acquire all permits needed for public events.


Q: How much clearance does the FOOD TRUCK need on the day of the event to operate?

A: Most trucks needs clearance for the following dimensions: 28 FT LONG X 14 FT WIDE X 15FT. TALL. Clients must verify that we are allowed to park at the event location site. The truck cannot park on the street. We may also request an electrical connection (120V connection) as back up but also has a generator. Our trucks will not be responsible for any stains to pavement caused by the food truck equipment. We also will not be held responsible for any damage to landscaping when entering or exiting parking space.


Q: I have filled out the Quote Request Form online; does this mean I have booked the event?


A: No. Once you have filled out a Request Form, a Catering Manager will contact you to review your request. To secure catering for your event, you will need to pay the full amount. We will email you a detailed invoice regarding your event. NOTE: Should you pay and decide to cancel your event, we will issue you a refund minus a $350.00 non-refundable cancelation/processing fee.


Q: Do you require a minimum order?


A: For Private Events the minimum starting price to book the food truck is $2,600.00 all in. NOTE: A private event means that the food truck cannot and will not serve to the public. Private events are: birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, celebrations & funerals. HOLIDAYS are National and don’t qualify under private events. We reserves the right to hold these National Holidays for Public Events.


Q: What time frame can you accommodate for service?

A: All time frame are pending availability and travel times.


Q: Do you accept special menu requests?

A: We try to accommodate all special menu requests regarding allergies and dietary restrictions. We also strive to accommodate all menu requests based on traditions, theme of party, and personal preferences.  Please ask your catering manager for guidelines and restrictions. Special requests will be priced differently.


Q: Do we need to provide our own trash cans, plates, utensils and napkins?

A: We provide the utensils, napkins, and food containers. Beverages will be served in a can or bottle. We do not provide cups or straws. The client is responsible for setting up trash cans for the guests to dispose of trash and is responsible for trash removal caused by guests. All truck will dispose of their own waste including: oil, plastic wraps, left-over food, water held in truck, etc. We also provide a menu board.


Q: Is a Deposit required?


A: We accept a $350 deposit however that doesn't secure the truck, it's considered a "HOLD". The deposit is the truck rental fee and is separate from the food cost per person which means that anyone paying the "FULL AMOUNT" for an event would be considered a "COMPLETE AND SUCCESSFUL BOOKING" which would result in you loosing your reservation and your deposit. We Strongly Recommend That You Pay The Full Amount Upfront to secure your event. 


Q: When is the total amount due?

A: The total amount is due as soon as possible. Should anyone paying the "FULL AMOUNT" before you pay the balance, their EVENT will be honored and you would loose your reservation and your deposit so be careful. We Strongly Recommend That You Pay The Full Amount Upfront to secure your event. 

Q: Can the truck serve my own food?

A: No. Due to safety and sanitation regulations, the only food that can be served from the food truck is food prepared by each food truck or food from a caterer who is certified in food safety and has prepared the food in an approved commissary.


Q: What method of payment do you take?

A: We accept the following credit cards(Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover), cashier’s check or cash. We cannot accept personal checks.


Q: Do the guests need to select their menu choice in advance?

A: No. The food truck will prepare 5% over the final guaranteed number of guests paid. We will track the amount by way of EVENT TICKETS. It may be a good idea to increase your count by a few guests if you anticipate last minute guests or guests wanting seconds. We will not deny a guest a second service unless instructed by the client.  All extra entrees purchased are non-refundable if they are unused. NO TICKET NO SERVICE!

WALK UP EVENTS are not guaranteed that we make money as a FOOD TRUCK business which is why we charge a BOOKING FEE.

However, we reserve the right to waive the fee in some cases.

WAIVER: In some cases, Booking Fees may not apply.

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